Saturday, September 11, 2010


We went on the most beautiful 6 hour drive, I have ever been on! Taking a mini buss cramped beside two Laosian men was the best thing so far. I hung out the passenger side window to take in the untouched mountains with snake like vines, King Kong forests, sheets of rock. Laos is stunning. It's just that.

The children run amongst the street taking care of one another. The mothers sit on the stoops of their straw huts just content to sit all day long. The little girls are perfect in their tiny collared button shirts and their baby sarong like wrap skirts. The men are a beautiful caramel colour and very good looking.

We are in Vang Vieng now. I was hesitant to come here for the tubing. 90% of the people I meet tell me to stay away but I came anyways. One of the first girls I saw her had her head bandaged and bloody. Another man limped with a wrapped foot. And then we found out later that a girl died last week, drown. Deterring? Not quite. I'm a good swimmer I tell myself. And I watch my liquor intake...

River tubing was better than the full moon. Unreal party! So many bars, so many buckets going around, rope swings, zip lines, slides. No wonder people are injured or at worse drown. The river was raging too. If we stayed on the river with no stops we'd be down in no time. It's certainly no Pembina that we're used too. This was great! Towards the end our group of tubes were separated. I didn't make it to the last bar, only because I couldn't hold on to the rope the Lao man threw to me to pull me and my new South African friend in... the current was far too strong. So we floated. We watched the sun slip behind the jungled mountains... and we floated some more. He hung on to my leg so we wouldn't separate and I kept spinning to see if the rest were coming... nope. They clearly made it to the last bar. Eventually we made it to the side of the river where I slipped off my tube, not so gracefully, and made it back to the main street. River tubing. Highly recommended. YouTube it, it's a wild time.

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  1. Justiney,

    It sounds like you are still having a wonderful time, and I am glad that you decided to tube it despite the recommendations, you're tough. You still look as lovely as ever in all of your photos. I am so proud of you for taking this journey solo and learning so much about yourself.

    Hope to hear more.