Monday, September 13, 2010

Journey of the Buses

After visiting so many magical places, I can no longer pick a favorite.

It took 38 hours on 4 buses and 2 iPods but I've made it to Cambodia. Thankfully, it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds or as bad as people made it sound.

Bus One: Packed. Just the standard Asian bus. I prompt myself down beside a Malaysian Reggae man who plays the uke in a band and has dreads to his bum. He was rad.
Bus Two: We had a short hour in Vientienne. After driving through the city, I wished that I had planned to stay for a night or two. Visually, it was hustling. People were loitering the night streets, they situated themselves in pubs, shops were birghtly lit. Ruins were perfectly placed in the centre of streets. It reminded me of the perfect blend between Beijing and Guonghouz. Mmmm, this is making me want Chinese food! I know my dad will hold me to this statement since I never crave Chinese food ;) The infamous night bus. Dun dun dun! I must say I'va had a horse shoe with me on this trip. I lucked out and got my very own bed on the sleeper bus. Good thing too. These 'beds' were maybe 3' wide and maybe 5'5" long. I certainly slept diagonally just so I could stretch out. I can't imagine what it would have been like with a partner, let alone a stranger! Nightmare. It was quite loud, and very bumpy. My best friend was my iPod 'soothe me' playlist. We kept each other sane the entire night.

Bus Three: Arriving in Pakse, I had no idea I was on the VIP bus, and I wasn't about to say anything after the 'sleep' I just had. They say there is no difference between the regular and the VIP bus. Oh my friends, there is a difference, a lazy boy difference! And for the first time in Asia, the bus wasn't full. Heavenly.

The Cambodian border was strange. Small huts were speckled over one city block on either side. We slowly zig zagged our way to each hut where we paid $1 to $23 for random papers, health checks and visas. I wasn't about to argue with the Cambodian official walking around in his socks. Back on the bus I was ready to settle back into the 9 hour drive in my big comfy red leather when a small man runs down the bus calling 'Siem Reap.' We can't be here already? Of course not. We are moved to...

Bus Four: A small, rickety bus where the driver honked his horn every 20 seconds. Oh Asia, you're back!

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