Saturday, January 1, 2011


Everyday is an adventure. What was supposed to be a 7 hour drive took Ava and I 12. Not because we chose too, but the universe just wanted to toss us a few last curve balls before we ended the track of 2010.

The drive up to Golden Bay was stimulating. The warm air brushing through our hands, our voices cracking from singing so loudly and the car conking out twice is what road trips are all about.

Not to worry, we managed to pick up our keg from Onekaka's Mussel Inn, tossed down a pint of feijoa cider and drove to our final destination. A gorgeous nook of wilderness tucked away in the hills with a rippling river winding through it was where we were to close our year and open a new one. We were so exhausted the first thing we did was tap the keg and pour a pint. It was a lovely new years with lovely people and a galaxy of stars above us. The perfect end.

2010, you clawed at my back and roared in my face but you ended purring at my feet. I don't regret anything about you but alas you're over. I welcome this new year with open arms, ready to kiss whatever you throw my way.