Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Although I miss my NZ friends and hunny, I must say, I've never been so smiley (even with all the snow!!). I'm SO happy to be home. There is nothing quite like it. It's irreplaceable. The comfort of my pillowy, crisp, white bed. The variety of clothing, jewels, and shoes after months of one backpack. The smell of Ming's grilled cheeses on the stove top. My moms hugs. My dads pinches. Granny's warm house. It's all mine and I'm so grateful to be back to relish in it all once again.

Traveling any time soon? Likely not. I plan on staying put for a good while; smiling at what I have because I am one lucky lady. This girl has had enough adventure for at least a good couple months (or until the bank account is replenished ha).

Till the next adventure me mates... Check out my other blog about daily finds, pics and random thoughts of ting.


I heart HK

From thousands of pandas, markets, skyscrapers, gold medals and bowls of congee, Hong Kong, you still have me; I doubt you'll ever lose me.


From living in a fairly flat place for 6 months, I now know why my mate loved big cities. From the moment I landed in Hong Kong, hopped in the taxi in the dark pouring rain, my mouth agape and eyes wide out the window. Love. As much as I want to stray from the city, my heart will always remain with 60 story buildings, concrete jungles, people, trains and shopping.

I met my father in Hong Kong for his tai chi tournament. I planned 7 days there. I lasted 6. I cracked. Being on a mega budget for 7 months, I destroyed it in Hong Kong. Granted there wasn't much to break... but whatever money I had left from New Zealand was all spent on the delicacies of Hong Kong. Well done HK. You win this round, round 4. You'll likely always win.

Best bowl of congee EVER. I miss this place.

I'm a sucker for markets; fish, meat, fruit, trinkets, I'm all over it. Warning to those who like fish markets, wear proper footwear, otherwise you get smelly toes. Fact.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Farewell Christchurch

For now.

I was never supposed to be away for this long. I was never in fact supposed to be in Christchurch for over a month. This is why one way tickets come in handy. Your path isn't set, you in fact set your path. Mine led me here.

Being here in Chch, I've now met so many beautiful people, worked in a pub, lived in a caravan, went completely broke, got stuck on a hill in a broken down car, had a keg as a fellow passenger, fell in love with a man, and lived through a natural disaster. Yep, not at all what I was expecting; not at all what I came here for either. I love the way the universe plays with you and you with it. Life's path is magic.

During my 7 months away and 6 months in New Zealand, I've seen and done many things that I'm so appreciative of. I love my life. I'm so lucky to have lived amongst magic. Chch, you're going through a rough state. During this time of horror, it's amazing to see how humans are coming together, working with their hands, like the man from Chang Mai; building together a new future; coming together at night like a community. Chch, I love you! I know I'll be back. You are one of my newfound homes. I look forward to seeing the new you.

To the crew at Urban Rooms, in particular, Mark, Michael, Deirdre and Fleur, I love you guys. You are real people. You are magic. I will never ever forget you guys!

To Pomeroys, you are some of the best, welcoming people I know. Pomeroys will always be a place of warmth, community and pure fun. Chef Clayton, I'll miss our love hate banter and most of all your dinners, sans pasta. Mark, you goblin, you are irreplaceable! Hugs to all the bar staff. Steve and Vic, thank you for everything you've done, everything. To the crew on the other side of the bar, it's been a pleasure! I still need to come back for thirsty Thursdays with the Kingi's. David and the 150 boys... thanks for all the beers, same to you Dutchie. General Andi, I hope your baby is as healthy and beautiful and charismatic as you are.

To my mates, Ava, Jen, Sez, Aids, Hera you guys have each given me a lil sparkle. You are all one of a kind gems. Irreplaceable. Irresistible. I carry each of you with my stones, close to my heart. Like Florence and the Machine, You Got the Love. You are all love.

Ava, my twin, we are now split in two. We never got our lock and key but I can see mine on my arm. And it reminds me of you. You are light. A beautiful light. Shine bright little star.

My mike. I hope to see you real soon my kiwifruit, so we can start up where we left off in each others arms.

Farewell Christchurch. I will definitely miss you garden city.

strike my heart!

Sneaky bestie and sneaky boyfriend. A plot to get me out of the house when all I wanted to do was stay in the house...

My mike, is the sweetest man, my man. He writes me small poems when he's hanging from roofs. He writes me small poems when he's under houses. Most of all he writes to me. I love words. I love his words.

A heart hung above the bed to grace us with the sweetest dreams of love. Our love.

My Girl Named Ting

There is such a thing as unsurmountable beauty,

And it's all bundled up in one wondrous cutie.

Her name falls on ears with the most unforgettable ring,

I'm speaking of course, of my girl named Ting.

With a smile so sweet, she sets a heart a flutter,

With eyes so warm, I fear to melt like butter.

With skin so soft, to touch is irresistible,
Before I met her, I must have been miserable.

My arms are held wide and voice bursts lips

"I love you sweet Ting, right to the tips!"

Although time with you may have been short,

It seems that in this sea of love I'm undeniably caught.

I've put into writing that which I want to say,

And all going well by the end of this May,

I'll be in the air soaring above oceans,

To hold you again! What a wonderful notion!

There is such a thing as unsurmountable beauty,

And it's all bundled up in one wondrous cutie.

Her name falls on ears with the most unforgettable ring,

I'm speaking of course, of my girl named Ting.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

shake, rattle & roll

Christchurch, Tuesday, making some lunch. I didn't know I was in for an epic day of terror, tears and tremors. My story has been posted here.

These photos are progressions of how much worse my surroundings got after hundreds of aftershocks. Some people are asking if we are still getting aftershocks, YES, yes we are. The isn't a day that goes by that the mother earth doesn't hiss at us.

This crack in the road is just on the corner of where I was working and living, Pomeroys Pub. The first photo was taken just after the 6.3, the second photo, a couple hours later and the third photo, taken a couple of days later.

Eager to do something after a couple of days, my good mate Sarah sent a message out to help her clean up massive amounts of silt on her property. Mike and I had arrived and luckily the student army had cleared a path up the drive, but there was so much still there. We opened her garage door and it had crept in over a foot high. Everything in there was buried in this heavy clay, so compacted I could barely shovel.

My bestie Aidan was worried about her mate, so the evening of the quake, we ventured down Fitzgerald Ave, to get to Morgan. This is the road we trekked.

Just beyond the spilling water crack above was this tower (taken right after the 6.3, and about an hour after), situated behind the pub. Holding on by one white column, I'm happy that no one was inside.

The pub, still standing. 120 year old historic building and ready to be repaired! I was on the top floor in Aidan and mines flat when she shook like thunder.

This car park was directly behind the pub, this image was the first thing that I laid eyes on as I ran out of the flat and behind the building. I didn't know how bad it was...

Lucky to be alive. Lucky that all my friends and family are safe. Hearts and hugs go out to those who have lost loved ones in this charming city. It will be charming again, with many hands, and many hearts, Christchurch will be better than ever.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let Someone Love You

My mate Thomas used to tell me lots to let someone love you today. What a lovely thing to say to someone. A reminder of sorts to open your heart and be loved. Welcome the warmth.

This is my first tiny rose from my Mike, to be permanently pressed in the book of travels. xo.

Permanent Words

One can't help but be flattered when they comment on how neat your writing is. So what's the word for when someone wants your style of script permanently inked on your body? Speechless with a rougey cheek.

A brand of sorts. A brand by ting. Ha. From one artists hand to another artists needle, tattooed words will always make me smile. To mark oneself with words will remind you everyday what you literally need to do. Breathe. A reminder to open ones heart. To laugh and love.

I blushed when my star twin Ava asked me to script out her latest tattoo. Live Laugh Love. Something we always hear, yet not always practice. Ava is woman; wise and powered, yet cheeky and youthful. She practices living, laughing and loving every second of everyday. Usually giggling, she graces people with her power to share the three L's. She now graces me with her newfound message on her arm. Thanks for the three L lesson Ava. Never stop.

Mike at Ink Grave, Christchurch did an outstanding job on our tiny tats.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Everyday is an adventure. What was supposed to be a 7 hour drive took Ava and I 12. Not because we chose too, but the universe just wanted to toss us a few last curve balls before we ended the track of 2010.

The drive up to Golden Bay was stimulating. The warm air brushing through our hands, our voices cracking from singing so loudly and the car conking out twice is what road trips are all about.

Not to worry, we managed to pick up our keg from Onekaka's Mussel Inn, tossed down a pint of feijoa cider and drove to our final destination. A gorgeous nook of wilderness tucked away in the hills with a rippling river winding through it was where we were to close our year and open a new one. We were so exhausted the first thing we did was tap the keg and pour a pint. It was a lovely new years with lovely people and a galaxy of stars above us. The perfect end.

2010, you clawed at my back and roared in my face but you ended purring at my feet. I don't regret anything about you but alas you're over. I welcome this new year with open arms, ready to kiss whatever you throw my way.