Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've met some killer solo travelers in the past, who have even become my closest friends and I think I've found another. Australian Anna. The woman with an actual heart of gold.

After one night in a semi-scuzzy guesthouse with crickets jumping all over me, I opted to move. Anna was also moving to a different place to meet her friends. I trotted along side her, we jumped in a tuk tuk and made our way to the Golden Mango. I felt like I was traveling with my parents!! Beautiful wooden floors, the most heavenly English speaking staff, complimentary breakfast and tuk tuks, and wait for it... free internet and wifi! The Golden Mango, two of my favorite things: gold and mangos, surely this was THE place for me. Dream come true.
After settling into our lavish rooms, we made our way to the Cambodian Childrens Hospital. We bought a big bag of goodies for the kids and I watched Anna donate blood. What a saint! Unfortuneately we weren't able to play with the kiddies, but we left our bag of goodies with the smiling receptionist and bought some very fitting friendship bracelets.

A very patient tuk tuk driver took us to Seeing Hands. A massage parlour run by blind men, very cool experience. Tucked away in a shotty alley was a tiny open room with 4 beds and a backroom. We changed into some scrubs and were treated with the magic hands of two blind fellows.
Lunch at the Blue Pumpkin made us feel like we were in NY or Milan with their streamlined industrial interior.

Peruzing the market was the perfect way to end the afternoon. We met Annas friends later for dinner, which was the best food I've had during the trip.

Siem Reap, I'm in love!

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