Monday, September 6, 2010

Chang Mai

You are pretty lax Chang Mai, and I totally dig it.

I have seen more Thai people than Caucasian people... this is a good sign.

Unfortunately I've come down with something... I'm not sure what... but it's not allowing my body to really move (I hope it's not the green bubbles... scuba joke). Advil and aspirin have been my buddies for the last two days. And I love them for it. I'm flying solo now, so I have to heal myself; unfortunately that means no cool adventures that I was so hoping to do. Trekking in the jungle is the thing to do here... but the last thing I want is to be sick in Laos, or worse, pass out in the jungle!

So a new book was bought, I've already seen a large amount of the city thanks to my little tuk tuk driver. I've bought two pair of pants that I'm really not sure how to rock and some incense.


It would be a lot easier to relax if I wasn't dripping wet. It's so hot here and there is no turquoise ocean to jump into, only dirty rivers. I even have a hot shower which I was giddy about this morning... now I miss those cold showers on the islands... what is my world coming to? Ha! I'd say my world is going pretty well considering the only thing I have to complain about (minorly) is my shower.

Yep. I'm going to get a massage.

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