Monday, December 27, 2010

One Warm Christmas

It was like a Hollywood movie scene where the family crowds around the delectible table of homemade goodness.

Relishes stewed with love. Iced water dripping with fresh mint, juicy lemons and colourful flowers. Roasted ham on the bone with hand speared cherries. Italian breads, creamy cheeses, crisp tomatoes. Mouthwatering eye candy.

The sun was warm and the skies were cloudless for my first summer Christmas and my first Christmas away from home. The families, the friends, the warmth, the love will not soon be forgotten.

The day started with an emmaculate brunch, followed by a gorgeous lunch and ending with a hearty dinner with the orphans. Good company, good drinks is all it takes to make you feel like you're at home once again. Thanks NZ! Thank you Pomeroys, Gainsfords and my favorite orphans of urban rooms.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love Letters

I was never a huge fan of cards. I have an appreciation for them, but rarely buy them... Until now.

I've had the most fun wandering into small shops, flipping through sparkeled, colourful cards, choosing which suits which pal.

There is something about being in another hemisphere and getting momentos from someone you love. I skyped my mama Ma today and she got my parcel of holiday cards. Swoon! Shocking realling since the post lady told me I missed the deadline. Now I can't wait for the rest of the crew to get theirs!

Happy Christmas lovers! May magic occur with your loved ones and mistletoe grow above every one of your beautiful heads.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A flatmate recently loant me a book about traveling called 'No Shitting in the Toilet' by Peter Moore. Four pages in and Moore is histaricaly correct!

This image with the description of travel sums it up perfectly. He says travel isn't about taking a break, as I realize working 6 days a week.

Travel derives from the Latin word 'travail,' now here's the kicker: meaning spending ridiculous amounts of money to be miserable, homesick and frightened! Hahahhahaha! He's so right. It's the experience! There were parts of Thailand where I was miserable. I was homesick when my sister launched her band to the world wide web!! I've been stuck in darkness in an italian train station in a city unknown for 9 hours on a cement patch with an italian man blowing kisses to me all night... Frightening. And I'm spending ridiculous amounts of money in NZ because they have such cool clothes?!

5 star resort holidays are a projected image of what you want your life to be. Traveling will make you feel every emotion you never thought you had.

I am a traveler. And I wouldn't ever change it.

Don't die wondering

The age of discovery is never over when you are the discoverer.

I was skyping with mama Ma the other day and like every loving mother, she got all concerned... About my blog! Haha. Where are all your posts Justine? Are you ok? You aren't blogging! Haha priceless. It's true, I haven't been blogging because my days are becoming a blur. I sleep, I work, I repeat. Of course this isn't what I had planned, I didn't have a plan at all in fact. The truth is, my bank account is empty, I don't even have money to leave the city, let alone the country. Thus equaling an uninspiring writers block.

But because I love my mother so much, I'm going to blog again. About the daily things I run into, the uneventful happenings of her youngest daughter. And in due time Ma, I'll have enough money to blog about me skydiving in queenstown.

The graffiti below, I come across almost daily as I sip my double flat white with soy at my favorite cafe C1.

Don't die wondering is one of the best things you can read on a brick wall whilst soaking in some vitamin D. Live life regretless friends. Look back and turn back if you must but let's squeeze this life for every drop it's got.