Saturday, September 18, 2010

Phnom Pehn

You are large an in charge Mr. Capital City. You are no chilled Siem Reap. PP is bustling with street stall and motos. I was actually scared again to toss myself in traffic to cross the streets. But just like any Capital, there is so much to be seen.

The history of the Khemer Rouge particularly struck my interest. Anna and I went to the killing fields and the S-21 Museum. It's hard to believe that something so horrific happened not too long agi. 1975 to 1979, my heart goes out to you. Actually walking through the killing fields silenced me. Silenced me! Mass gravesites. Bones. Teeth. Clothing. These items were still surfacing. I walked on someones shirt. I knelt down to see someones tooth. Bound rope around bones was peaking through the sandy dirt. Frightening. Eye opening.

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