Thursday, September 9, 2010


I started my day on a tour along the not so sweet chocolatey river, the Mekong. Lush mountains with low clouds kissing the tops. It was like a movie.

We eventually made it to a cave with over 400 Buddhas placed over the years from pilgrims. But the best part of the day was the waterfall. Like the elvin forest, I just expected to see hobbits jump out from behind the misty curtain.

Midway up the tiered mountain, Sean was daring enough to climb a small tree and swing like a monkey into the icy blue pool. Having far too much fun, he convinced me to try it. I haven't jumped off anything since breaking my tailbone in Corfu from cliff jumping, so naturally my legs are shaking as I take on the mini climb. It would have been far more troubling to turn back... so jump it was.

On the way too and from these destinations we stopped at small villages. I came on this journey looking for an eye opening experience, and Laos has given it to me tenfold. Living simply is an understatement for these people. It was enlightening and heartbreaking at the same time. Laos is a true beauty and I'm so happy that I made it here. THIS is the experience I was hoping to have; being taken aback by landscape, playing with smiling village children, watching young monks venture with their book bags and the food. My goodness, those backpackers that lost weight trekking clearly skipped Laos, because the food is unreal! Sweet breads are as tasty as China's, their pastries are as delicate as Paris'.

Laos, you are a sight for sore souls!

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  1. Justine, I'm loving your posts (and pics - more, please!!). I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying your trip and "justine time".

    hugs from Canada!!
    Christine :)