Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's quite natural that everyone gets a little homesick on a trip. today is my day... to be utterly, helplessly homesick.

Not only am I actually sick, and this is just where you want your mom, or in my case, my big sister/ best roommate, to make you special tonics and soups, with an abundance of advil; (They don't have advil here. And there is no one to call to from my little caravan. Sigh.) but this said sister just launched her band DreamFace to the world. Now I can't help but brag, these guys are phenomenal and will blow your mind. Be prepared to fall in love with dreams again.

I'm so proud of you DF! You're going to spread love through dreams. I miss you more than you know!

On top of DF, I miss the days where I'd spend hours on 'we heart it' and google reader. I miss my big bed. I miss driving. I miss Lord of the Rings (yes I watched it all the time). I miss the Royal Bison. I miss my jewels. I miss my sister. I miss my girlfriends. I miss my fam. But not enough to book a ticket yet. ;) haha. Love.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Morning 26

It's days like today that I fight for. Cloudless skies, eternal sunshine, pressed coffee, and the chance to change.

Farewell quarter life crisis! You will not be missed. This will likely be the only year that I'm ok with growing older and I'm determined to make it great. It's bound to be! I celebrated with my favorite cafe with my favorite friend in warm sunny NZ. This is officially my first warm birthday. Surreal.

As I walked to meet my bestie at C1 cafe, I ponder how life/people can change so quickly. I was never supposed to live here in Christchurch. I never imagined myself working in a pub! I should technically still be in Asia according to my plan... Things change. People change.

As I think this, I imagine what life would be like with a plan... Boring! Life is no dress rehearsal. Life needs no map. Life needs two feet and a heartbeat.

Being 25 taught me great experience. The drive to see something foreign, the adventure of making a new home, the feeling of being terrified to go back, meeting amazing, brilliant people; it's all about the experience.

Welcome 26, I can't wait to get to know you minute by minute, day by day, with nothing further to say but a smile on my face.

Location:Christchurch, New Zealand