Monday, August 30, 2010

The Perfect Day?

It started at 6:45 AM, I ate my granola bar on the way to the classroom. (classroom on vacation, I know!) Shortly after arriving we hop into a taxi (and by taxi, I mean we hop into the back of a truck and hold on for dear life with tanks, BCs and regulators). Arriving at the docks, I realize that it's the exact same place where someone tried to sell me a scuba package at a brand new resort, not a big deal though, I'd rather have been on SaiRee Beach where all the action was happening and at my little cottage.

We actually had to crawl through another boat to get to ours. Our boat was a large, wooden, camel coloured beast. I had forgotten my motion sickness bracelets but luckily my hands were free to apply constant pressure to my wrist points.

First Dive: For the life of my, I could not sink. Mee (my instructor) actually had given me his weight, plus shoved some more weights into the pockets of my BC. What the hell!? After 10 minutes of exhaling my lungs out, I made it down to the most peaceful place on earth. Gliding through the deep blue sea was exaclty what I needed. It was perfect. Quiet, other than the exhaling bubbles from your regulator, the sealife, went about their life crossing their busy streets. Why hadn't I done this sooner?! I knew that I had to master the 'relax button' before heading to another non-air breathing world. This year was perfect for that. While intentionally losing our regulator hose and masks at 30' below surface, there isn't much you can do but be calm, find your regulator and put your mask back on.

I'm officially an SSI scuba diver. BOOYA! This day continued with me celebrating on the silica sand, wading in the salty ocean with my fish friends. Another epic stormed rolled in and I watched it until the monsoon rain started.
This place has the most addictive storms I have ever seen. I locked myself in my little bungalo and it was only 6. I wanted to stay in and be anti-social. It's not easy making friends here. People tend to travel in packs or couples. Luckily for me, my dive buddy was there with his girlfriend, from Brussels. One of the coolest couples ever. SO welcoming. Just all around lovely people who seemed to be of a similar mind set. They were really the only ones I wanted to relax with. I do actually love this place. I will stay another night to enjoy it more and see more of the island and really learn to enjoy my own company. Be lost in your thoughts.

I ended the day with reading on my porch then meeting the boys for a delicious lobster/crab feast on the beach.

Perfect day: yes.

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