Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have the best mom ever. I roll into the office and she's sitting outside in her car... making me nervous, I hop out of my car and she's waiting with a surprise cake for my bon voyage. so sweet! literally, it was so sweet. 5 lbs of chocolate put the MO office peeps in a coma. well done Mama Ma. xo.


  1. I wish I worked at your office.

    p.s. "suitcake", hehe.

  2. For real, the talent comin' outta this familia!!

  3. hey Justine - been reading & enjoying your back posts. Your momma is super & your travels look like heaps of fun. Scotty and I travelled through SE Asia as well. Cambodia was my fav. :)

    p.s. did your momma make the suitcake?