Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I heart HK

It's true. I've rekindled the relationship that I once had. I now remember why I love the bustling, aromatic streets of Hong Kong.

The people still stare. They don't tend to smile until you buy something from them. And the markets are abundent with goods.

It's likely a good thing that I'm here with "Jonny" (in quotes for my MO peeps) as I don't think he likes to shop... so it's kind of keeping me away from the incredible, cheap, colourful marketplaces. Although... I did have to go to Jade Market and see this little Chinese lady that I've seen on my past trips to Hong Kong. Silly me, I've forgotten earrings?! I know, of all things... so instead of risking my ears closing, I opted to splurge a tiny on a pair of minty jade studs. They probably weren't worth the money, and I probably could have gotten more of a discount... but hey, this lady and I have a history and let's be honest, when you make this girl blush, I'll get played over like a fat kid and a plate of cupcakes.


  1. Good to see you hit the ground shopping.
    You'll have your bartering skills well honed in no time.
    Have fun and enjoy...everything!!

  2. How CONVEEENIENT you forgot your earrings ;) hehe. Glad to hear you're there safe and sound, enjoy, girlie! Can't wait to hear more.
    :) Christine