Friday, August 27, 2010

the moon

Paradise island?

On an island dedicated to the moon, I find myself strangely emotionless. The breathtaking beaches, the bountiful beaches, the smiling backpackers... could it be sensory overload? Am I numb? Or perhaps it's the wrong kind of senses that I planned for this adventure?

It took a matter of minutes to decide whether or not I'd come all this way and go to the famous Full Moon Party. Of course I'd have to go! In my mind a yoga retreat in the north would have been fitting for this quarter life crisis. A break. A break from life.

But the moon! The moon is female, it's where we come from, it's what we track at home. We all know things teater during the full moon. And what better time to be here on this island to celebrate such a beautiful thing.

Two things:
1. Whislt wandering with my fellow ten thousand moon worshipers, I found we were all more focused down on our buckets rather than up to the robust moon.
2. During the 4 to 6 hours I graced Haad Rin beach, I did not see the moon! Really? Did that really happen? yes.

Was this a sign? Is that why I don't feel right now? (I assure you it's not the affect of alcohol. I didn't even finish my one bucket).

Other than those two very important points, I had a great time.

Apart from being overcharged for our hotel and Jonny's epic scooter scar, we are meeting amazing people (I swear half of the UK is here, but that is rad, because I love these brits) abd soaking up the most rich sunrays.

Tomorrow we head to Koh Tao, where I've been giddy to get certified for diving. Unfortunately Shark Week on my iPod will not help this journey, but at least it's teaching me to keep calm in open water. We'll see.

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