Sunday, August 29, 2010

risky business

"You can trudge wearily along the well-worn path, or become gloriously lost in the woods that lie either side."

After reading quite an inspiring email from a friend, I realize that I do need to take some more risks. Not jump out of a plane, wait, I'll be doing that in NZ... bad example; hang out in alley ways after dark but life experience. I'm sure I'll find that while doing the Gibbons Experience in Laos but until then... let's make the best of these beautiful islands.

I know I'm lucky to be in such a picturesque place and blah blee blah bee baaaa but fuck it. I did not come here to hang out in 'irish' pubs and drink my face off. I'm here for the ultimate challenge, the Justine Challenge. Enough princessy priss, toilet paper has become my comodity and I 'shower' in the ocean to save my shampoo. This is what it's come to and it's fabulous!

On the boat to Koh Tao, just 20 minutes to dock we hit the most beautiful storm I've ever seen. It kicked the life back into me. As people were losing their hats and we were pelted with what felt like hail, I felt... I felt serene and happy. This is what's it's about. Adventure. Adventure in it's angriest form.

Koh Tao is beautiful. As soon as we docked, I quickly found my pack in a pile of 150 bags and ran out to find a taxi. I had no booking, I left my 2 mates, and I took a risk. I'm now staying at a really cool little cottage, thanks to the recommendation of Maxine. And I'm on my 3rd day of getting scuba certified. I'm already scared shitless of going 18m deep and equalizing my ever so troubled ears, but the pool lesson was mint. It's pretty scary, but it's something that just needs to be done. If I wasn't doing it, I'd be stuck on this beautiful spit of land having the same feelings I had about Koh Phangan... I assure you, I will try and not make that happen again. Just a little planning and a little leap goes a long way.

Now... I just need to get the confidence to rent a scooter (after Jonny's accident... it's not looking promising) and hit this snorkel site on the other side of the island that I've heard is breathtaking. And I love being a mermaid snorkeler! Hopefully I'll be able to stay another day and get that done, just another step right?

(I do apologize for the lack of photos: 1. I can't plug my camera into these public computers and 2. you guys should know me by now... I don't take photos... sorry)

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