Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I heart HK

From thousands of pandas, markets, skyscrapers, gold medals and bowls of congee, Hong Kong, you still have me; I doubt you'll ever lose me.


From living in a fairly flat place for 6 months, I now know why my mate loved big cities. From the moment I landed in Hong Kong, hopped in the taxi in the dark pouring rain, my mouth agape and eyes wide out the window. Love. As much as I want to stray from the city, my heart will always remain with 60 story buildings, concrete jungles, people, trains and shopping.

I met my father in Hong Kong for his tai chi tournament. I planned 7 days there. I lasted 6. I cracked. Being on a mega budget for 7 months, I destroyed it in Hong Kong. Granted there wasn't much to break... but whatever money I had left from New Zealand was all spent on the delicacies of Hong Kong. Well done HK. You win this round, round 4. You'll likely always win.

Best bowl of congee EVER. I miss this place.

I'm a sucker for markets; fish, meat, fruit, trinkets, I'm all over it. Warning to those who like fish markets, wear proper footwear, otherwise you get smelly toes. Fact.

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