Sunday, March 6, 2011

Farewell Christchurch

For now.

I was never supposed to be away for this long. I was never in fact supposed to be in Christchurch for over a month. This is why one way tickets come in handy. Your path isn't set, you in fact set your path. Mine led me here.

Being here in Chch, I've now met so many beautiful people, worked in a pub, lived in a caravan, went completely broke, got stuck on a hill in a broken down car, had a keg as a fellow passenger, fell in love with a man, and lived through a natural disaster. Yep, not at all what I was expecting; not at all what I came here for either. I love the way the universe plays with you and you with it. Life's path is magic.

During my 7 months away and 6 months in New Zealand, I've seen and done many things that I'm so appreciative of. I love my life. I'm so lucky to have lived amongst magic. Chch, you're going through a rough state. During this time of horror, it's amazing to see how humans are coming together, working with their hands, like the man from Chang Mai; building together a new future; coming together at night like a community. Chch, I love you! I know I'll be back. You are one of my newfound homes. I look forward to seeing the new you.

To the crew at Urban Rooms, in particular, Mark, Michael, Deirdre and Fleur, I love you guys. You are real people. You are magic. I will never ever forget you guys!

To Pomeroys, you are some of the best, welcoming people I know. Pomeroys will always be a place of warmth, community and pure fun. Chef Clayton, I'll miss our love hate banter and most of all your dinners, sans pasta. Mark, you goblin, you are irreplaceable! Hugs to all the bar staff. Steve and Vic, thank you for everything you've done, everything. To the crew on the other side of the bar, it's been a pleasure! I still need to come back for thirsty Thursdays with the Kingi's. David and the 150 boys... thanks for all the beers, same to you Dutchie. General Andi, I hope your baby is as healthy and beautiful and charismatic as you are.

To my mates, Ava, Jen, Sez, Aids, Hera you guys have each given me a lil sparkle. You are all one of a kind gems. Irreplaceable. Irresistible. I carry each of you with my stones, close to my heart. Like Florence and the Machine, You Got the Love. You are all love.

Ava, my twin, we are now split in two. We never got our lock and key but I can see mine on my arm. And it reminds me of you. You are light. A beautiful light. Shine bright little star.

My mike. I hope to see you real soon my kiwifruit, so we can start up where we left off in each others arms.

Farewell Christchurch. I will definitely miss you garden city.

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