Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fam Jam

We're here and loving it. Mike is over the moon to be back with his family and especially his Raven dog. It's been lovely and surreal just hanging with family and catching up properly minus the crackling connection of skype.

First day tasty indulgences (in no particular order):
  • steak and cheese pie (I would have gotten a photo but we woofed them down too fast)
  • L&P
  • Mum's pavlova with real cream infused with passion fruit! I'm drooling.
  • Pineapple Lump bar
  • Pixie Caramel (this is new to me and may just be my new favorite)
  • Double IPA's
  • proper coffees!
  • Kapiti cheese, you honestly haven't tasted cheese until you've had Kapiti

These are all food based. And honestly, we could move here on food alone with the perks of family of course ;)

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