Wednesday, March 7, 2012


After a very long drive through the most beautiful west coast, we've made it back to Christchurch. We are very much looking forward to adventuring what we can of the town to see what all has changed since the February 22nd earthquake. What we do know is that the people here are still amazingly friendly. It's quite humbling to see humans come together in such light after going what I can only describe as heartbreaking.

Never the less, we're back with our pals. And after MUCH giggling and hugging and laughing, I've got my bridal party complete! Aidan and Ava will be standing up there with Mike and I on our big day and I couldn't be happier with my blushing beauties. It's been a year today since I've left this city and it's like only a day has gone by. That's how you know your friends are the best and what you have is true. I love these girls to bits! They've held a big part in our lives and I can't wait for them to venture back/over to Canada!

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