Wednesday, March 14, 2012

East Coast

My incredible Mike has been so good on this trip, driving both coasts so we can soak up some scenery. NZ is stunning when it comes to how much can change within a mere 30 minutes of driving.

We started with tropical paradise, cruising down the west coast with sharp rocks and windy roads. We drove through a cloud through Arthur's Pass. We wound our way to sunshiny Christchurch. Wiggled our way over to Kaikora through amazing farms and made it to the surf town which is SO cute! I had really wanted to spend a few nights in Kaikora but we only had a quick stop by, enough for me to want to go back soon! We're back in windy Welly and making our way up to Auckland by Saturday. A lot of driving, a lot of beautiful sites to take in.
(proper photos coming soon)

Cow crossing!!

Finally got my fix of crayfish... not at the right place though :( there is a gyspy type caravan (like the one I used to live in, painted and all) passed Kaikora... I was mistaken, thinking it was before... so we stopped in town to have a tasty crayfish. Next time, caravan crayfish, you're mine!

This picture doesn't do this view justice, massive amounts of kelp/seaweed sparkled in the sea down this stretch of coast, it was gorgeous.

My tourist, my love: Mike.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I want to go to NZ!