Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand has without a doubt become a second home. When I'm in Canada, I call it home; when I'm in New Zealand, I call Canada home. I have two homes and I love it.

We just spent a week in Christchurch, the city where I met my love, the city where I lived for a wee six months, the city that has not fallen, but certainly picked itself up. It's incredible how little the city has actually changed. Other than some piles of rubble and closed roads, it's still the same quaint city with lots of charm and beautiful people. The people in Chch have made the city. Canteburians, you're doing great! As an outsider only visiting for a mere 7 days, I can tell you that I've felt the love in your city.

This trip, I was on the right side of the bar ;)

My beautiful twin, Beer Baroness, master of multitasking, sharer of clothes and shopping habits, kind, smart, charmer, force to be reckoned with: Ava.

My bestie, goofball, funny facemaker, best listener, adventurer, dreamer, sun beauty, challenger, my best friend and fairy: Aidan.

Big props to the garden city for showing us a great time, our fabulous friends and Chch families: Keeley and Jen, Alex (x2), Rob, Andrew, H&H, Jeff, Chef, Marion and Steve, the Pomeroy's, Sezzler, and most of all, my bridesmaids Aidan and Ava!

Miss you already.

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