Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't die wondering

The age of discovery is never over when you are the discoverer.

I was skyping with mama Ma the other day and like every loving mother, she got all concerned... About my blog! Haha. Where are all your posts Justine? Are you ok? You aren't blogging! Haha priceless. It's true, I haven't been blogging because my days are becoming a blur. I sleep, I work, I repeat. Of course this isn't what I had planned, I didn't have a plan at all in fact. The truth is, my bank account is empty, I don't even have money to leave the city, let alone the country. Thus equaling an uninspiring writers block.

But because I love my mother so much, I'm going to blog again. About the daily things I run into, the uneventful happenings of her youngest daughter. And in due time Ma, I'll have enough money to blog about me skydiving in queenstown.

The graffiti below, I come across almost daily as I sip my double flat white with soy at my favorite cafe C1.

Don't die wondering is one of the best things you can read on a brick wall whilst soaking in some vitamin D. Live life regretless friends. Look back and turn back if you must but let's squeeze this life for every drop it's got.

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