Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A flatmate recently loant me a book about traveling called 'No Shitting in the Toilet' by Peter Moore. Four pages in and Moore is histaricaly correct!

This image with the description of travel sums it up perfectly. He says travel isn't about taking a break, as I realize working 6 days a week.

Travel derives from the Latin word 'travail,' now here's the kicker: meaning spending ridiculous amounts of money to be miserable, homesick and frightened! Hahahhahaha! He's so right. It's the experience! There were parts of Thailand where I was miserable. I was homesick when my sister launched her band to the world wide web!! I've been stuck in darkness in an italian train station in a city unknown for 9 hours on a cement patch with an italian man blowing kisses to me all night... Frightening. And I'm spending ridiculous amounts of money in NZ because they have such cool clothes?!

5 star resort holidays are a projected image of what you want your life to be. Traveling will make you feel every emotion you never thought you had.

I am a traveler. And I wouldn't ever change it.

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