Monday, December 27, 2010

One Warm Christmas

It was like a Hollywood movie scene where the family crowds around the delectible table of homemade goodness.

Relishes stewed with love. Iced water dripping with fresh mint, juicy lemons and colourful flowers. Roasted ham on the bone with hand speared cherries. Italian breads, creamy cheeses, crisp tomatoes. Mouthwatering eye candy.

The sun was warm and the skies were cloudless for my first summer Christmas and my first Christmas away from home. The families, the friends, the warmth, the love will not soon be forgotten.

The day started with an emmaculate brunch, followed by a gorgeous lunch and ending with a hearty dinner with the orphans. Good company, good drinks is all it takes to make you feel like you're at home once again. Thanks NZ! Thank you Pomeroys, Gainsfords and my favorite orphans of urban rooms.

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