Saturday, October 30, 2010

Poom Poom Pom.

It's become quite clear that some of my dear friends have no idea what I'm doing... I'm no longer laying motionless on a beach, nor diving with deep sea critters (although, I'd very much like to).

I'm back with my bestie, kickin' it in Christchurch, New Zealand, slingin' beers at ye 'ol family pub. With 19 taps of craft NZ brewed beers, I have no idea how I will ever come back to Canada without being such a beer snob. I get drunk off a pint and a half?! WTF! There is something in these kegs that turns the Rexall draught into golden garbage! (oh, I feel bad for saying that... I still love you Rexall liquid gold!) I drip beer on my shoes almost every night. I'm still mastering the art of the perfect pour while memorizing the different taps. The locals know me as the replacement Canadian, some even call me Ting, it's real cute. I'm starting my new little work family.

I did have a moment of panic one morning, staring into the white wall, my mind screaming that I needed to go back to MO to design, but it was short lived. I try real hard not to miss my little macbook. There is a reason it was not brought, I needed to try something new and I am. I'm loving it. Creative Suite has officially been swapped with massive amounts of beer. That sounds real unhealthy... but it's true! It's been great, razzing the chef, getting to know the regular old flirty men, meeting people from around the globe!

This is my new life for the next couple of months, that's the update... so come visit!


  1. Admittedly, I had started to become confused by your fb statuses.. it all makes sense now!! yay! I'm glad you're enjoying NZ, you are the cutest bartender I've ever seen :)

    Thanks for the update, miss you!
    hugs from Canada,

  2. I miss you too, a few more months you say? I better get a longer visit next time we are both in the same city!

  3. You are so cute! I'm jealous of your life a little. Like real jealous. I also like how you've replaced really with real. <3