Saturday, October 16, 2010

the Garden city

Every walk, every drive, every blink outside is a realm of Alice's Wonderland. The flora, the fauna in Christchurch is unbelievable. Our little brick house has a garden fit for fairies! When driving to grans house it's as though the walking cards should be painting the perfectly shaped roses red.

How could you not fall in love with a place that is so stimulating?!

The design here is epic. Clinic signs are even beautifully crafted with simple organic logos. Juice containers are made fun with crafted illustrations and hand drawn type.

Christchurch has culture!!

Cafes are swarmed with ladies in long dresses, leggings and scarves. Hipsters roam the streets in their cheap shoes and tattoos. You may think, 'Oh, it seems so lovely because it's new and away from home...' but really, this is a cool city. It's a small city, which clearly I appreciate, it's people are uber friendly and it's cultured. I just randomly came across a Diwali festival of lights as I was walking back to the pub today?! A full on Indian concert with fabulous performances and food vendors to make your mouth water. Another market was filled with different food vendors of the world (even a Thai place from Chang Mai!!).

Christchurch, minus your mini earthquakes, I like you... I like you a lot.

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